AutoMail Email Redesigns


After redesigning the AutoMail product, we needed to redesign the emails associated with the product. There are several emails that go out to our clients as their campaign is running. Often times our clients will set up their marketing campaign for an entire year and need to be reminded of when their orders will go out each month and when their card will be charged. These emails are a good way to remind customers to go in and make edits to their orders, make cancellations, update their mailing lists, etc.

The current emails were very outdated from a design perspective and needed to be modernized like the product, so I made sure the new product design and the new emails had the same brand identity and I was able to tie in some elements from the new design system as well.

Tools Used: Figma, Slack, and Asana.

Team, Roles & Responsibilities: Product designer (myself), one product manager, one developer, marketing director, and one graphic designer.

Timeline & Launch: This project took about one month to complete and the emails were launched right before the redesigned AutoMail product in October of 2018.


The current emails did not match the look and feel of the newly redesigned AutoMail product. They were also not super mobile responsive which was a problem since most people access their emails from their phone.


Redesign all of the current emails to match the new look and feel and develop the emails to be fully mobile responsive.

Scope & Constraints

I started by scoping out the number of emails we needed to redesign. I identified 7 different emails. We were constrained by a tight timeline to get these emails designed and developed in one month’s time before the newly designed AutoMail project launched.

The Process

Email Research + Getting Familiar with the Current Emails

Email design is something I have minimal experience in, so I began by researching best practices and using resources like to gain some design inspiration. Then I got familiar with all of the old designs and what content needed to go into each email. Then I worked through that content with product, marketing, and customer service in order to rewrite content that needed an overhaul.


The following emails needed to be redesigned:

  • Campaign setup confirmation (gives an overview of the AutoMail campaign the client just setup and serves as a confirmation)
  • Order scheduled
  • Order processing
  • Campaign renewal confirmation
  • Lead email
  • Response email
  • Share email

I started by seeing what styles I could carry over from the AutoMail product into the emails to make the look and feel consistent. Then I went through the old email designs and worked to recreate each one and verify the type of content that needed to be in each email.

Feedback + Iterations

We worked with marketing and customer service to get feedback on the emails once they were redesigned. Both departments know our customers very well since they interact with them on a daily basis. This helped us to fine tune the email content.

Development + QA

Once all the designs were final, I sent the Figma files to our developer to get started. It took him a few weeks and then the emails went live! We made sure to do lots of QA testing before launching the emails to make sure they looked good and were all functioning properly.

Project Update (Post launch)

After launching the emails we identified a new problem we needed to solve for with the lead and response emails. Customers didn’t know what to do with certain lead and response information they were getting.

We needed to come up with a way to help our users know what to do with this information. The customer service team was getting tons of calls and chats about this and we gathered these insights through Productboard to identify the problem and possible solutions.

From here, I talked to customer service and our account managers to get insight on the types of things realtors to do reach out to leads or follow up with potential leads. We also identified a way to incorporate a feature on our platform to help users, called the ‘Leads List.’ I also did lots of research online to come up with additional ideas.

Based on all of this I was able to come up with a new section of content for the emails and for the product dashboard with suggestions on what users should do with lead or response information based on the type of lead or response received. 

Lead email with new content

Outcomes & Lessons

Overall the feedback on the new email designs was very well received internally and externally so far.

Initially, we were monitoring customer feedback through support chats and tickets to see what email feedback we are getting. That is how we identified the problem above and decided to iterate.

Now, we are monitoring the volume of calls and tickets that come in about leads and responses so that we can see if we have a decrease after implementing the new content section with suggestions.

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